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Wonderful school. Very good way to teach. The teachers are very professional

12th November, 2018
– Marie Anne Demesmaecker

Thank you very much for the exciting tour to your school wherein part is phantasy, creativity, developing own ability to think, to be confident, a very impressive method to learn, to share with everybody, we would very much like to have learned in your school in our childhood.

25th October, 2018
– Susanne & Tony Fischer

Thank you for giving us an insight into this amazing school, meeting such dedicated people and teachers

19th July, 2018
– Regina Baron

A remarkable school with progressive ideas. Amazing standards. Better than most big city schools.

20th June, 2018
– Captain (Merchant Navy) Jas Mohan Singh & Pauline Singh

Outstanding experience. I wish this system was followed in all our schools. Amazing to see such small children performing so effectively and smartly with good manners.

20th December, 2017
– Major General SK Sen VSM (Retd)

Thoroughly impressed with the innovative way of teaching. It should be adopted in all Primary Schools

20th December, 2017
– Colonel Arjun Banerjee ( Retd)

Beautiful environment. And loved the variations in activity. The kids brought us joy. Very inspiring. And wish them all the luck. Well done teachers

9th December, 2017
– Sarah & Julie Mathews

An amazing school. The children are very engaged , motivate and all enjoying learning. A great success. Very inspiring.

7th November, 2017
– Roger & Elizabeth Walters

Excellent development in teaching skills

18th October, 2017
– Joy & Graeme Budd

Wonderful enthusiasm, wonderful energy, wonderful smiles, - students as well as teachers- It was a revelation to be here, Promise to come again.

– Mithelesh, Peggy, Akanksha,, and Mahika Patro

Thank you so much for the opportunity of coming to visit your inspirational school. It seems that you have very successfully created a warm and welcoming school which is progressive, based on experiential learning and merged into local culture. I am in awe of what you have achieved

3rd April, 2017
– Anie Taylor

Such an inspirational place The students are engaged in their learning and making many connections. So lovely to see them being risk takers, inquirers ……. So lovely seeing them shine.

15th March, 2017
– Jacxk & Angela Quinlan

Fantastically innovative ways of teaching. The children all look very happy. . It is great to see how well they all get along and cooperate. I am so impressed by the school and how the children are learning and smiling.

15th March, 2017
– Sophie Hague

The school is such an amazing place with all the innovations going on around. There is an air of passion around every single element in place here and that I feel is a very large driving force. The children respond so well to the teachers and that is so much because of the techniques and the fundamentals they learn. We have so much to take . Looking at this beautiful place we hope to come back here with more like minded people and do our part.

18th November, 2016
– Avinash Ravisankar

The team gets strongerevery time I visit . I am thrilled with all your progress and feel confidentthat you will all continuously improve. Enjoy the big book readers and I look forward to hearing more about the children and their writing. Best wishes always

8th November, 2016
– Margot Sherwill

Thank you for having me once again. The School is humming along beautifully, and the development is obvious in the students and teachers. I would love to keep in touch with you all. I wish you well in the coming years

8th November, 2016
– Ula Sheather
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