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About our trust and projects

Our NGO was founded by Lt General ( Retired) "jimmy"Singh. Who has intimate knowledge of the Eastern Himalayas. The Awake and Shine trust supports project Awake and shine, which is working to transform rural education in the remote mountain area of Kalimpong District.

Our mission is to change the image of rural schools by providing quality holistic education, in tandem with income generation through village tourism.

Our school at Samthar is empowering 140 deprived village children. Tourists guests are helping to support the school by providing scholarships. Over 10 years the school has evolved methodology for teaching English to children from non- English speaking community, introduced experiential learning, and personality building in our syllabus. Some of our innovations include Confidence course, Nature walk, inquisitive hiking, camping skills, "Seed to table" gardening project, paddy sowing and harvesting, mud oven baking, star gazing, cloud watching, learning direction finding semaphore, and Knots and lashes.

Our second school at Chota Suruk village is being developed from year 2018 to 2024 to replicate the Samthar model. Nursery class room was completed in 2018, and the inaugural Nursery class was operational in Feb 2019.

The Lower KG classroom with allied facilities is under construction in 2019.

To enhance earnings for children's parents; we have helped create 4 quality village homestays, trained cooks, housekeepers and guides, and set up hiking circuits.

Donations requested

Donations are requested for scholarships for deprived children to study at Awake & Shine Schools , at Samthar and Chota Suruk, building a second primary school at Chota Suruk, scholarships for post primary education of deserving chidren at boarding schools , and assisting local communities in setting up homestays

Join us in transforming rural education in the Darjeeling Hills. Help us to create “Change makers of the future”. Donate for our subprojects listed below

Sponsor a deprived child for scholarship at our primary school  for one year @ Rs 12000/- per child per year

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Cost of education: Rs 12,000/- per anum

Help us in providing hands on computer literacy to deprived children, by donating net books to our primary school @ Rs 20,000/- per unit

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Cost: Rs 20,000 per unit.

Help us build 5 sq ft of the primary school for poor children at the isolated Himalayan village of Chota Suruk @ Rs 2750/- per unit

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The cost works out to Rs 550 per sq ft. Donation unit is Rs 2750.

Donate for printing story books to teach English to deprived children from non-Englissh speaking community @ Rs 500/- per unit

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Cost of 30 copies: Rs 15000/-. Donation unit is the cost per book @ Rs 500/-

Donate solar lighting set to enable deprived children to study at home @ Rs 6000/- per unit

Deprived children studying at our schools at Samthar and Chota Suruk come from poor homes, which do not have electricity. Others have erratic electricity and also find it expensive to provide dedicated lighting to enable the children to read story books and study at home. Our NGO proposes to provide small solar lighting set to 40 poor homes. The cost of each set is INR 6000. It consists of a solar panel, in built battery, charge controller, two light points, and mobile phone charging facility.

Cost: Rs 6000/- per unit

Support poor families and help them convert homes into homestays with guest room and toilets @ Rs 1000 per unit

Our NGO is supporting village tourism based on homestays and a walking circuit. The idea is to generate income for parents of children enrolled in our schools, so that they can improve their lifestyles and progressively contribute for the education of their children. All homestays are planned in the form of a one room cottage ( 68 sq ft), with western style toile and bath ( 48 sq feet), located at the hosts premises. We will be allotting a fixed amount of Rs 1 Lac per cottage.

Donation unit is Rs 1000/-

Donate to enable deserving children to continue their education in boarding schools at Kalimpong and surroundings @ Rs 6000/- per unit.

After finishing our 7 years primary school course, children have to get admission to boarding schools located at o Kalimpong and surrounding areas to continue their English medium education. The average cost od staying in a boarding school are Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000 per year. A few of our sponsors have been kind enough to pay for education of deserving children. However many deserving children are unable to meet the expenses. We have started a Post Primary scholarship fund, to help 10 children per year.

Donation unit is Rs 6000/-

General Fund

This fund covers general expenses not specific to a project/cause/need. This helps cover expenses vital to the running of the organisation. Expenses such as administrative expenses, various overheads are paid from the General Fund. We also maintain a General Fund to help us meet the donation gap created when donors donate only to a specific project/cause/need or any unexpected expense which may arise during the course of running the organisation. 

Corpus fund

This fund is s considered to be the capital of the organisation. The Fund is generated and kept by us for the sustenance and existence of the organisation. The Corpus Fund is of paramount importance to the organisation as it helps us during the times of distress. Only the interest/dividend earned from it is accumulated or utilized for general purposes. It is required for the smooth sustenance of the organisation. We are currently trying to build a Corpus Fund of 12 months’ of expenditure of the organisation thereby ensuring a smooth sustenance. It will help reduce financial vulnerability and thereby help us achieve our goals. 

How to Donate


For on-line donations, visit www.awakeandshine.org

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