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Personality Development

We “dared to change”. Breaking new ground, we have included personality development in our curriculum, hand in hand with Academic learning. Our curriculum focuses on two main aspects. These are:-

1)  Basic Academics: comprising English, Mathematics, Environmental awareness, computer skills, local language, creative activities, and sensory skills

2) Personality development: comprising positive development of personal traits, social awareness, hygiene, physical development, manipulative skills, emotional development, good habits, and value education 

We aim to develop the personality of our children in a positive manner so that they can succeed in life. Personality Development is more obvious during childhood, when Children are experiencing rapid physical, emotional, and intellectual growth. Teachers are well placed to assess and channelize the personality development of children under their charge, in a positive manner We first identified the physical and character traits which should be developed, and devised a syllabus which helps in developing these positive traits, by providing the knowledge and training to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy. We are attempting to strengthen positive personal traits through physical development, nature walks, inquisitive hiking, camping, projects, hobbies and value education.

Assessment is carried out by observing the behaviour of the child throughout the year. Teachers base their opinion on demonstrated indicators, in order to make it more balanced and objective. The teacher is expected to muster as many facts as possible to arrive at a conclusion. To ensure balanced reporting, the class teacher discusses traits of each child with the Section head teacher and if necessary, the principle is consulted before finalizing the assessment

We have listed 10 traits for teachers to watch and assess. These are: -

  1. Appearance: Should be smart, neat and tidy
  2. Pleasing personality: Should remain cheerful, and behave in a friendly and polite manner with others
  3. Obedience and ability to follow instructions: listen carefully to instructions and carry them out faithfully. Show respect to elders
  4. Keenness to learn: Exhibit a thirst for knowledge and desire to learn. Must be attentive in class and focus on what is being taught
  5. Willingness to take responsibility: Eager to assist teacher, and come forward to do new tasks
  6. Self-confidence: High on Self- esteem and self-efficacy. Demonstrated by action
  7. Logical thinking and Expression: Clarity in thoughts and speech
  8. Truthfulness and courage of conviction. Admits mistakes. Does not lie. Hide facts, look for excuses or blame others- but tries to correct mistakes and improve
  9. Leadership & Team spirit: happy to work with classmates and share credit and failure. Kind and helpful. Shows promise of leading a team
  10. Positive attitude to correction and criticism. Does not sulk but takes criticism with a smile and corrects mistakes willingly
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