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Spring Time Visitors


Date : 16 April 2019

Hilary and Eric Robinson robinter99@yahoo.co wrote in our visitors book “So wonderful to see so happy and engaged children in a lovely setting. Great work”

with Angela and the General
Computer skills
Baking preparation
Meeting sponsored child

Date : 22 March 2019

Peter & Lucy Lyn  lynlucu@hotmail.com visited us for a few days of walking around Samthar. They enjoyed being with the children

Lucy wrote: “An amazing school, Happy children obviously enjoying learning. The staff are very dedicated and involved”.

Peter remarked “Inspirational- so different from my schooling . The children are so happy and full of confidence. By teaching the children so well, when they are young, you will hopefully set them up for life.”

with Nursery class
Story telling from picture cube

Posted on : Thursday, 27th June 2019
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